Me & My Bud

To say I have a passion for dogs is an understatement.  From the time I was born, I have had pets, mainly dogs, as part of my life.  As an infant, I was most contented when next to a kitten, dog or puppy.  Growing up my parents added ponies (one a stallion, no less) to my collection of pets.  As an adult I continue with dogs, horses, cats and a macaw.

I have been training dogs and helping with their canine companions for more than 30 years.  I do not consider this a career.  It is a calling.

I believe we are all spiritual beings (including our pets), and we are all connected through an energy or energetic source.  It is a calling for me to assist pets in connecting with their human companions in a manner that is beneficial to the pet as well as its human partner, factoring in their breed, their purpose, their environment and their surroundings creating a natural health and wholeness.  Hence…Wholestic Pet Services.

We connect to our pets in many ways.  In order to have the wholeness experience, we must connect to them physically, spiritually, energetically, emotionally, and intellectually.  That is why breed selection, purpose, environment and surroundings are so critically important to our pets.