What are the benefits of Reiki?

By nature, Reiki is a healing energy that is offered – not given to the recipient(s). It cannot harm. Reiki can be offered to any life form.

Reiki can be offered for comforting your pet during stressful situations, whether emotional stresses like the loss of a loved one; it could be as simple as someone going off to school and no longer living a home. To our pets that’s a loss. It can bring about depression, or cause them to become lethargic. It could be the loss of another pet, or a family move. Divorces are extremely stressful to our pets. Animals in Shelters and in rescue circumstances when they are being relocated from one foster home to another; or going into their permanent home can also be and is stressful.

Reiki can be offered to help soothe traumatic conditions such as abuse, whether physical or emotional. Our pets and military canines can suffer terribly from PTSD. It can help ease the pain and trauma of being hit by a car.

Reiki compliments veterinary medical procedures and surgery by promoting the healing process. Healing time can be cut in half.

Reiki can provide relief from hip dysplasia, arthritis, and diseases.

Reiki can assist with cultivating a calmer demeanor to animals with storm fears and separation anxieties.

And finally, Reiki can be comforting and supportive to the animal and their human when it’s time to cross the Rainbow Bridge.

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