Communications From Cecil

While offering Reiki this morning, I specifically wanted to reach out to Cecil. As I reached out to him I was also blessed with a lot of communications from him.

Here is what he had to say:

Through this horrific tragedy that he experienced while here on earth, he has become known to people throughout the world. In no other way would his life had such impact and meaning. Through his death he has been able to become a legend, and to catapult a rocket of recognition to the devastation of trophy hunting and canned hunts. He applauds those airlines that no longer ship hunting trophies.

Animals come here to be our teachers and our guides, and to bring us humans lessons we would not otherwise experience. During his time here on earth, Cecil was known to many. But, it is only through his death that he has become known world-wide, not only as the magnificent animal that he was, but now as a teacher and a guide.

I, too, applaud those airlines that are no longer shipping hunting trophies and ask that we show our support to those airlines in any way we can.