Shelly’s Story

It has taken me six plus years and countless families to find my forever home. One of the last places I stayed, my human family threatened me ~ saying that I attacked their Blue and Gold Macaw. I was defending myself…imagine this ~ they put up a baby gate to keep me away from the bird and the bird flew over the gate scaring the crap out of me. How smart was that?…of course I ran away barking. But, according to them I was chasing the bird.

Welcome to ABMC (the best rescue on earth...I'm Shelly

That’s when (my now permanent forever) Mom (Andrea) came to my rescue. I was so afraid of going back to a shelter, I left there with my tail tucked, hanging my head so low, I needed help getting into the car. My spirit was all but broken. Mom took me to this place called Pet Paradise with really friendly people, doggie ice cream and lots of dogs to play with – but I didn’t feel like playing – I still wanted my own people. That’s when I met my brother, Flare, and sister, Sniffles. Flare taught me to play with the other dogs, to dive into the pool, and how to swim. I was terrified at first, but Flare with his outgoing zest for life, helped me get over my fear and change my outlook.

Several of the humans at Pet Paradise fell in love with me and took me home on a trial basis – and that didn’t work out…I had already decided I wanted Andrea as my forever Mom and Flare and Sniffles for siblings. It would take awhile, but I wasn’t going to give up and Mom was one tough cookie.

It was time for me to get my Bordetella vaccine, I didn’t mind as long as I was with my Mom 😉 I was happy. Then on the way back to Pet Paradise she called to let them know that we were going to stop by the house to play with Flare and Sniffles…I had never been to her house before. I was excited…but I knew I had to be on my best behavior.

My plan was… if I was on my best behavior, maybe – just maybe I’d get to stay the weekend. Pet Paradise is nice, but getting to be in a home again with my people would be awesome.

Everything went just as planned; I got to stay the weekend.

Then, Sunday night came and it was time for me to leave – Mom picked up the phone – but this time she called the Rescue Coordinator, telling her that she was going to keep me at the house and would be fostering me. This lasted several weeks…when I won her heart and she realized she would be forever labeled as a “FOSTER FAILURE”.
She would now be my forever Mom.

I had just found my permanent, forever home. Now you see why I’m smiling all the time. I love my Mom, Flare, and Sniffles.

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