Sniffles The Entitled

Mom calls me the Queen, because I came into this world feeling “Entitled”.

Mom says I have a “tude” meaning Attitude. You see, I came into this world feeling “entitled”, because I came from a special breeding and breed – The Belgain Malinois. Soon after that, I landed in a lavish home where mom was a Cardiologist and dad was a Neurologist. As you can see, their heart was in the right place by choosing me, but as is typical they didn’t think it through. I was living in this lavish estate on the River, with no boundaries whatsoever, so what’s a girl to do? I would let my nose lead the way…I think that’s where they got my name “Sniffles”. I love to sniff, that landed me with a trainer.

Well mom and dad sent me off to this trainer, to be “trained”. After six months they realized their life was better without the responsibility of a big dog.

Sniffles (AKA The Queen)

The trainer was nice enough to keep me and not turn me over to a shelter or animal control. It was hot out in that kennel. It was an outside kennel in Florida. I sure wanted to find my way back to a nice home, air conditioning inside, carpet to lay on – the hole nine yards. One day, I didn’t understand it, this tall blonde handsome dude came to stay at the trainer’s place – but there were no kennels available, so being the soft hearted gal I am, I offered to share my kennel with him.

His name was Skylar. I was falling in love. Who wouldn’t fall in love with a handsome dude like Skylar? I think he fell in love with me a first sight.

One day – out of no where, this lady came by to take Skylar away. I jumped at the fence. I didn’t want him to go; after all he was my companion for almost a week. That was more company then I had in 6 months. How could they do this to us?

I could see him pull and tugging at the lead almost dragging this lady off her feet, he was trying to come back to me – our hearts were broken. Days went by – they seemed like years. Then God worked one of his miracles, this same lady came back with Skylar – I was so happy to see him, I was beside myself. But, for some reason, we were allowed to play out in the yard. We weren’t in the kennel we could run and chase each other – like two puppies, two wild and crazy puppies in a yard.

Then something happened, something better then my wildest of dreams, this lady put me the car with Skylar and was taking us away. I was worried , but I not too afraid, because Skylar seemed to like her, which I couldn’t understand, how could he like the same person that split us up?

We drove not for long – then we come to this house. It was a tiny house, nothing like the one on the river. Skylar had a brother named Kramer and a sister name Jessie. I don’t understand all this stuff, but they tell me Kramer was a “German Shepherd”. All I know is he looked different, maybe because he only had 3 legs. He sure did get around for being on just three legs. Another very classy handsome guy, and he was pretty nice to I figured he would be mean – but not Kram. He was the best. I think was the lady’s favorite.

They all called the lady of the house “Mom” so I adopted that name for her too – to make her happy.

The house we were living in…sure wasn’t like the house on the river…but, you knew Mom’s heart was in the right place. She showed love and caring that I had not seen before. PLUS, is that the right word? I was in the house, in fact, I was almost never outside, just to go to the bathroom and play. That was it. Being inside with the other guys was just the best.

Skylar had a sister, her name was Jessie. She was weird. You know there has to be one in every family. She had no brown on her, or black. In fact, she was silver/grey in color. Get this, she is what they call a “Weimaraner”. Whatever that is – I can’t even say it. Mom, seemed to love her just as much.

After 14 years I’m still with Mom, we have moved far away from that house we used to live in and Skylar, Kramer, and Jessie have all moved on to be with God. But, I have 3 other siblings now – Flare, Shelly and Sweet Pea. Mom loves us all very much, she takes us for walks as much as possible. She feeds us great food. But, boy is she ever stingy when it comes to snacks and treats. I hit the jack-pot with her, and if you’re reading this,I hope you have landed in the best home possible for you, if not, keep praying to God. He answered all my prayers and more. God works miracles, he will answer your prayers too.

“The Entitled Queen”

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