Testimonials and Recommendations


To say that Andrea has a “passion for canines” is quite an understatement. I recently rescued a special needs dog and looked to Andrea for advice and consultation. She provided both. She gave me behavioral tips and “tricks of the trade” if you will, to help me overcome some of the challenges that come with a rescued pet. She also helped me understand how to redirect my dog’s misbehavior, how to help my other dog cope with a newcomer to the pack, and provide comfort and reassurance to both during the difficult transition process. The success I experienced through her advice and suggestions proved to me that she understands canine behavior and can truly help anyone who is in need of this type of service. I wholeheartedly recommend her.

– Vicky Sydorowicz


I would love to take a moment to share a most amazing story about Andrea and my little Chihuahua, Carmel. We got Carmel from a rescue group 3 years ago (she was early 5 years old at the time) and I quickly discovered that she struggled terribly with thunderstorm terrors! The poor little thing shakes, pants, whimpers, and I pretty much have to just hold her and try to comfort her until the storm passes. I tried everything I knew of to help her including small doses of tranquilizers, which really didn’t help her during the storm, but zonked her out for hours after the storm was over.
So as luck would have it…Andrea and my paths crossed and when Andrea told me she was an Animal Reiki Practitioner, my ears perked right up! I told Andrea about Carmel’s storm fears and asked if she might be able to try and help her with Reiki. Andrea came for a visit, and immediately all three of our doggies were vying for her attention! Before I knew it, little Carmel was ‘sunny side up’ and snuggled just as close as she could get to Andrea. As Andrea spoke softly to her, telling her she was safe and nothing was going to hurt her, plus giving her a good tummy rub and an unspoken offering of Reiki healing energy, Carmel closed her little eyes and drifted off to sleep! It was quite a sweet and calming experience. Within the week, we had several storms and Carmel’s level of fear was amazingly diminished! Even my husband said, “I can’t believe it…she’s so much claimer!” She still has moments when she is unsure and starts to worry, but with Andrea’s continued care and concern, we are working on just the right mix of Reiki and natural remedies to make thunderstorms the best experience possible! I want to thank Andrea, not only for her friendship, but for all her years of loving and rescuing animals of all kinds, shapes and sizes! My heartfelt gratitude is immeasurable!

– Linda Fisher


I have known Andrea since the 80’s. She had a horse at our place for awhile and we’ve kept in touch. Andrea performs Reiki ( for pets. Her web site ( deals mostly with dogs, but she does horses, too and can even do it over distance ( lives in Alabama and we live in Pennsylvania). People are usually suspicious of this kind of thing, including me, but I know Andrea. I know she’s not a charlatan and truly believes in what she is doing. Because of the “black cloud” that seemed to be hanging over a boarder’s (Charlie) horse “Zack”, I suggested Charlie contact her. All we had to do was send her a picture. She said she communicated with him and first of all, he didn’t like the name Zack. He was tired of being known as “poor Zack” and wanted to leave his past behind him. She said he wanted a name that meant “strength, fluidity or power” and she suggested several names. Charlie researched and found a few, too. When I was feeding one morning, I tried the name “Tatonka” which is American Indian for buffalo. He turned his head to me and perked his ears. I told Charlie that and he said I could probably have called him “s… head” and he would have done the same. So the next day I tried “s… head.” He actually turned away from me and laid his ears back. (And, yes, I did say it in a pleasant voice.) We tried several names and Charlie decided on Quinn.
Andrea also did some distance Reiki on him on Thursday night and over the weekend. The following week, Charlie rode him twice in the indoor ring. Quinn didn’t limp at all! So he decided to try a trail ride. Quinn was a little stiff when we got back so Charlie rubbed his legs down with liniment and the next morning I gave him some bute. He has shown no signs of problems since.
Charlie had earlier tried a massage therapist. She was out Tuesday and was amazed at how well Quinn was doing. She found no tightness in his muscles (where before, he was in knots all over) and was able to rest her hand on both his stifles (originally, as soon as she touched them, he would yank his leg away). She couldn’t believe he had been ridden just 2 days before for 2 hours.
I have to believe it was Andrea. Charlie had gone through a long spell of getting Quinn massages, had the chiropractor out several times, and had the therapist give him a series of shots of a generic Adequan. She expected to see some results with even the first shot, but definitely by the 4th shot and Quinn showed none. He had his 4th shot 2 weeks ago. In my opinion, too much time had passed since the massages, the chiropractor and the Adequan to be able to say his improvement was due to that. Andrea had just “worked” on him and results followed immediately. How could anybody not think it was due to her?
Thank you so much, Andrea!

– Mary


I think it is so amazing that you can help animals (and their people) like this!! I know firsthand and I will always be your #1 fan!!

-Christine Reilly