The Story of Magic

I’ve been asked to tell you about some of my Animal Communication experiences. There have been many. But, one that comes to mind very vividly is about my beautiful black German Shepherd by the name Magic.

Magic was born in Woodstock, GA back in the early 1980’s. We were living in Pittsburgh, PA at the time, and because of all the health problems and issues we had with my first German Shepherd, Hogan, we decided that before we purchased our next dog we were going to do some research. We did research after research and found a breeder written up in one of the dog magazines as having an entire litter of puppies that the hips were OFAed Certified as “Perfect”. Well, right off the bat, I wanted one of those puppies. But, that litter was sold and long gone by time I read the article. I contacted the breeder who said within the next year or so, she was going to do a repeat breeding, if I wanted, I could wait for one of those puppies or I could choose one from another litter. I was in no hurry – I wanted a good, solid, healthy puppy. I waited for what seemed an eternity. Finally, April 15th that year (tax day) this incredible 18 pound, 8 week old puppy arrived at the Pittsburgh airport. I remember the nerves as if it were yesterday. I was so nervous about meeting my new puppy I nearly passed-out from hyperventilating. He was magnificent.

He grew and grew until he was about 110 pounds. He was a gentle giant. Although being a gentle giant is great, he almost seemed too gentle. He was not your typical German Shepherd. He rarely barked and was very laid back, which was not at all how he acted at the breeder’s. It wasn’t until many years later that I learned about the dangers of flying animals on Commercial Airlines. I am convinced that his transport, either through the lack of oxygen, or some other condition or situation caused a mental growth deficiency that in humans we would call retardation.

Then around the age of 7 he started going downhill, he was losing coordination of his body and it came to the point where we were going to have to make a decision. We tried everything because we wanted to give him every opportunity in the world to improve and/or to recover. A weekend was coming up, and Monday was a holiday. We would wait to see if there were any signs of improvement and we would make our decision.

Mr. Magic didn’t improve – if anything – he got worse, so Monday came and we called our vet to get yet another opinion and make our decision.

The vet agreed it was time to make that horrific decision of letting him go. We, of course, stayed with him and I held him so tight, smelling him, listening to him breathe, feeling his pulse for the last time and just crying and crying into his fur.

When it was all over – that’s when it happened. We went to leave the room, just as I was closing the door he said – as clear as day – “Wait for me.” At that moment I re-opened the door, turned to look at him, and actually waited for a split second, to literally see his spirit leaving his body and coming through the door with me. His comment was “Whew that was close, I didn’t think I was going to squeeze through that door.” He jogged out to the car – this is the first I remember being able to see spirits. I opened the back car door and he quickly obliged and jumped in and we went home.

He hung around the house and the yard with exuberance… enjoying his new found freedom. I would catch a glimpse of him every now and then, he was on cloud nine and one happy camper. This made it so much easier on me to see him this happy and still being able to enjoy his company.

A week or so went by and we had recently moved into that home and were having some friends and family over on the weekend. I bought some Mylar Balloons and tied them to the mail box.

There were kids in the neighborhood, and I didn’t want them taking the balloons, so I double and triple knotted them so they stayed secure.

A day or two later when I was out walking in the yard – I felt a nudge against my leg, it was Magic and with urgency in his voice he said – “Mom I’ve got to go” he was running around in wild excitement saying “Mom, I love you – I’ve got to go – there are big things ahead for me – I’ve got to go.” And, with that he ran up the driveway – it was a long driveway. He turned around several times saying “Bye Mom” ran a little more turned back around “I love you” and I was like a Mom watching her son go off to college – torn between being excited and wanting to fall to pieces. Just then he stopped at the mailbox looked back at me to make sure I was watching and just like Magic ~ all the Mylar Balloons were released and he was gone.

In Memory of “My Magic Moment”.