Communications From Cecil

While offering Reiki this morning, I specifically wanted to reach out to Cecil. As I reached out to him I was also blessed with a lot of communications from him.

Here is what he had to say:

Through this horrific tragedy that he experienced while here on earth, he has become known to people throughout the world. In no other way would his life had such impact and meaning. Through his death he has been able to become a legend, and to catapult a rocket of recognition to the devastation of trophy hunting and canned hunts. He applauds those airlines that no longer ship hunting trophies.

Animals come here to be our teachers and our guides, and to bring us humans lessons we would not otherwise experience. During his time here on earth, Cecil was known to many. But, it is only through his death that he has become known world-wide, not only as the magnificent animal that he was, but now as a teacher and a guide.

I, too, applaud those airlines that are no longer shipping hunting trophies and ask that we show our support to those airlines in any way we can.

The Story of Magic

I’ve been asked to tell you about some of my Animal Communication experiences. There have been many. But, one that comes to mind very vividly is about my beautiful black German Shepherd by the name Magic.

Magic was born in Woodstock, GA back in the early 1980’s. We were living in Pittsburgh, PA at the time, and because of all the health problems and issues we had with my first German Shepherd, Hogan, we decided that before we purchased our next dog we were going to do some research. continue reading…

Sniffles The Entitled

Mom calls me the Queen, because I came into this world feeling “Entitled”.

Mom says I have a “tude” meaning Attitude. You see, I came into this world feeling “entitled”, because I came from a special breeding and breed – The Belgain Malinois. Soon after that, I landed in a lavish home where mom was a Cardiologist and dad was a Neurologist. As you can see, their heart was in the right place by choosing me, but as is typical they didn’t think it through. continue reading…

Shelly’s Story

It has taken me six plus years and countless families to find my forever home. One of the last places I stayed, my human family threatened me ~ saying that I attacked their Blue and Gold Macaw. I was defending myself…imagine this ~ they put up a baby gate to keep me away from the bird and the bird flew over the gate scaring the crap out of me. How smart was that?…of course I ran away barking. But, according to them I was chasing the bird. continue reading…


by Deb Gibson

I was never a “cat” person. Give me a dog any day. Dogs were cuddly. Dogs loved to be near you. Dogs would do tricks. Dogs loved being loved. Cats were aloof. Cats were too independent. Cats just wanted a person to wait on them “paw” and foot. That perception changed, starting on December 10, 2004.

My good friend, Jim, died suddenly and unexpectedly that morning. Jim lived alone. His parents were gone and he had no siblings or partner. His only relatives were elderly distant cousins who lived about 60 miles away. Jim’s life revolved around Bummer, his 9-year-old cat. After hearing the news of Jim’s death, my first thought was “What is going to happen to Bummer?” I knew Jim would haunt me forever if I let Bummer go to the shelter. So I brought Bummer home with me until arrangements could be made for a new home. I guess you can figure out where that new home was. continue reading…

Care Bear Flare

Hey, Care Bear Flare here. Welcome to warm and wonderful Wholestic Pet Services.

My life started out anything but warm and wonderful.

I was a product of what they call a Working Breed Line of Belgian Malinois. Just as the name indicates, I was born and meant to work. I was born in the Miami Dade area. Because of the high crime in that area there are a lot of Malinois bred for the local Police Departments and other law enforcement agencies. continue reading…