Therapeutic Pet Sitting

My Pet Sitting Services go beyond that of a good Pet Sitter. Beyond spending time with your pet by keeping them company, giving them food and water and cleaning up after them. My services are Therapeutic in nature, and encompass Reiki, and Animal Communications. I’m also able to provide Homeopathic and Aromatherapies, Behavior Modification (if desired), as well as dog and puppy training, just to name a few.

As a Reiki Master I bring a tranquil, peaceful demeanor to the pet’s environment. Many pet sitters can be in a rush or are themselves in a stressful situation. This energy is then brought into the environment with the pet or pets, adding to what can be an already changing and stressful situation.

As a dog trainer with more then 30 years of experience, I can properly handle Fido’s quirky ways. I can offer suggestions to help with different behaviors, along a multitude of different and natural remedies. I can also offer training services.

As an Animal Communicator I can intuitively pick-up on an issue that may be stressing or of concern to the pet; either with a situation or their surrounds. I am also able to connect with them on an insightful level.

I offer natural and homeopathic recommendations for Separation and Storm Anxieties

In the case of needed transportation, I can easily handle a large dog, properly crated for transport.

I have had my own horses for many years, and am very comfortable with horse care and handling.
I have had my own Macaw for many years, and am comfortable with the handling of large birds.
I have had large salt water aquariums and various species of fish.
I have had my own kittens, cats, ducks, and rabbits to name just a few.

Personal References are available upon request.